White Pool Table

Philip Beards manufactures custom pool tables to customers' exact specifications. Timbers from around the world are employed to give genuine custom pool tables. Hand made custom pool tables provide an attention to detail and quality that is simply not possible with mass produced types. Please view some of our custom pool tables and feel free to contact us with your ideas.

Fine Bespoke Custom Pool Tables not only provide years of service, but also becomes a valuable investment increasing in value over years. Unlike the factory mass produced range, which in many cases does not stand the test of time and retains little or no value even though the initial cost may have been considerable.

PHILIP J. BEARDS designs, makes and produces truly individual custom pool tables for your home.

Whilst the majority of manufacturers claim to supply custom pool tables these generally offer only a custom pool table cloth or custom colour. Custom pool tables.co.uk offer an almost infinite combination, you choose the design for your custom project from which CAD drawings will be produced, supplied for approval and the creation of your very own custom pool table will follow.

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